It has been suggested that the immune system is an overlooked Parasitic Protozoa modality.

Anaerobic Parasitic Protozoa: Genomics and Molecular Biology | Book

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Isolation and Identification of Parasitic Protozoa in Sampled Water From the Southwest of Iran

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Parasitic Protozoa and Interactions with the Host Intestinal Microbiota

I love thee when thy swelling buds appear, and one by one their tender leaves unfold, as if they knew that warmer suns were near, nor longer sought to hide from winters cold; And when with darker growth thy leaves are seen to veil from view the early robins nest, i love to lie beneath thy waving screen, with limbs by summers heat and toil oppressed; And when the autumn winds have stripped thee bare, and round thee lies the smooth, untrodden snow, when naught is thine that made thee once so fair, i love to watch thy shadowy form below, and through thy leafless arms to look above Parasitic Protozoa stars that brighter beam when most we need their love.

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Parasites: Protozoa (classification, structure, life cycle)

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